Moving Data Faster Than Light

We bend networks and time to make things really fast!


Humanity drives data

Solutions are proprietary and expensive

Networks have latency

Data needs to move

QoS policies throttle performance

Moving data over public and private WANS remains a challenge. Current solutions are costly and complex and remain a tertiary focus for the major vendors. We think there is a better way to make an inexpensive, simple and effective solution. Read on!

The Wormhole(TM)

The Construct

1. Transparent proxy for open data copy utilities i.e. scp, rsync.

2. Adaptive protocols to defeat network latency, restrictive QoS policies, blocking, and loss.

3. encryption without compromising speed

The wormhole is a network proxy that manages the network layer (TCP/UDP). ActMobile’s hard-earned experience in the consumer space driven by business necessity (free VPN services), has resulted in several unique techniques for accelerating data movement over the WAN. They include striping TCP, burst UDP, mixed UDP/TCP delivery and recovery, adaptive network/port routing, detecting and defeating bandwidth throttling and packet shaping.

Making Contact

You can get a Wormhole (coming soon) using the form provided below. For further queries you can contact us at info@wormhole.net

Comms Online, Ready To Transmit!

Who's in the Wormhole?

We are a collaboration of network and storage nerds dedicated to improving the banal, slow, and ever important task of moving data across networks.

John Williams

As a 25 year veteran of the storage and application acceleration industry John has held technical, sales and executive roles in NetApp, F5 Networks, 3Com, Auspex and Swan Labs. John served as VP EMEA for F5 Networks, doubling revenue to over $200M in just three years. Prior to F5 Networks, John served as VP Worldwide Sales at Swan Labs where he rebuilt the sales organization leading to a successful acquisition by F5. John, a VP at NetApp, was one of their first 50 employees. Amongst many of his roles, he founded a business unit that grew annual sales to over a $1B. A Systems Engineer by training John continues to follow that passion.

Carl Rosenberg

Carl is a technology and startup veteran. He cofounded Green Hills Software, the leading independent compiler company, and was VP R&D until 1990. Leaving compilers for the genome world, he did computational research at MIT in support of the first human and mouse genome maps, released in 1996. Thereafter he has worked with a variety of startups, including networking firms doing one of the first full web crawls and indexing (Digital Integrity), HTTP caching (Fort Hill Systems) and supercomputers based on Infiniband interconnects.

Pankaj Kulkarni

CEO, Colimetrics Software; Sr.Engineering Manager, Blue Coat Systems; VP R&D, S7 Software; Engineering Manager, Rational Software

Megan Williams

Megan Williams

Megan Williams is an accomplished graphic designer and artist. Her design work has been accepted and incorporated into marketing and product materials at companies including Oakley, Animas Brewing Company, Sage Pizza Company. And now ActMobile. She is an avid biologist and is completing her degree at Fort Lewis University in Southern Colorado.